Intercepts, Exit Interviews & Mystery Shopping

Collect data about your target audience’s habits and preferences through intercepts, exit interviews, and mystery shopping.

We frequently design and conduct these types of studies across Canada and the US, providing excellent quality data that our clients can apply to their objectives.

Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI)

We use advanced CAPI software for our intercept and on-site interview research.

Interviews can be conducted using tablets or smartphones, and are conducted independently of our servers, so a Wi-Fi or data connection is not required at the time of the interview. Information is automatically relayed to the remote server as soon as a communication link is available; this may be at the end of each interview or each shift, depending on the requirements of the study to monitor results in real time.

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Exit Interviews

We have experience in conducting exit interviews for a wide variety of clients, including stores, restaurants, movie theatres, ethnic/non-ethnic grocery stores, and more.

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Mystery Shopping

Investigate the professionalism and quality of your staff through blind surveys conducted by Decision Point. Ensure that your employees are performing as intended, presenting the right image of your brand to customers.

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