With our large proprietary multicultural and general population databases available, we are well-positioned to recruit for both qualitative and quantitative studies. We also have access to facilities and hotels across North America for recruiting.

Our databases and recruiting efforts are unmatched by other suppliers, providing our clients with excellent reach to groups such as:

  • Urban or rural consumers
  • Business professionals
  • Patients or healthcare professionals
  • Multicultural individuals at various levels of acculturation
  • And more!

Recruiting Services

Central Location Testing

Decision Point recruits for CLTs in both Canada and the USA, undertaking projects from small, single city static evaluations to large-scale multi-city/country tests.

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Online Bulletin Boards

Decision Point will recruit your target audience, for example consumers or business professionals, to participate in online bulletin boards (OBB).

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Decision Point will recruit ethnography respondents and conduct the research to give you true understanding of how a specific group uses a product, shops, browses the internet, behaves in a specific location, and more.

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Moderation (English, Punjabi & Mandarin)

Decision Point moderators specialize in eliciting the full range of ideas, attitudes, experiences, and opinions held by the selected sample of respondents, in order to deliver independent, honest, and unbiased feedback.

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Why Choose Decision Point?

Get Data Fast

Access National and International Markets

Conduct Research in Any Language

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